Consulting Firms with Cutting-Edge Technology
Seisan Consulting, LLC has grown into an industry leader in providing customised web, mobile, and geospatial solutions as a result of nearly 25 years of experience. Seisan has created a solid reputation for partnering with businesses and offering great programming and consulting services for over two decades. Their experienced team of developers and designers takes just as much delight in supporting clients in the creation and implementation of smart, scalable web, mobile, and geospatial applications as they do in delivering them on time and on budget. “As a result, our client roster includes an amazing list of large players across a wide spectrum of industries in the United States and Europe,” says Charles Durham, Principal/President of Seisan.
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Charles Durham and Curt Tomlinson launched Seisan in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1992 as a specialised software development corporation. They are proud to be a development partner for companies like Verizon, Intel, Ernst & Young, Weight Watchers, and many more, as well as an award-winning firm that specialises in web and mobile application development for the private sector and the US Federal Government. Seisan keeps their clients’ demands at the forefront of what they do and offers new solutions by discussing with them on the ever-changing domain of what is achievable under Charles’ steadfast leadership. “Our staff is dedicated to learning and innovation, hosting and participating in ‘hack-a-thons’ and other tech challenges on a regular basis to produce our own proof of ideas. We are better able to develop complete solutions as a result of our focus on innovation “Charles says.
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“Seisan isn’t your typical technology firm, and that’s on purpose. While we have a lot in common with the top companies in the world, such as an obsessive focus on innovation and good business procedures, we nevertheless have a small company feel.”
Seisan has successfully launched a number of significant projects that necessitate highly scalable systems capable of handling thousands of simultaneous queries. In addition, the organisation has worked with a variety of development teams and engineers to adapt and understand their development methodologies and procedures in order to improve their programming, system, or product. The firm examines how a client’s present enterprise architecture is being used and determines the best way to deploy the solution utilising the best available tools and technologies in a technology agnostic manner. For example, Seisan built and implemented a robust series of custom software applications to streamline Flagger Force’sâ-âa leading traffic control companyâ-âmanual business processes by combining their established geospatial and system integration capabilities. Seisan delivered an automated tracking system with in-vehicle GPS and a user-friendly dashboard to monitor that displays real-time statuses and allows for speedy field issue solutions.

“Seisan isn’t your typical technology firm, and that’s on purpose. While we have a lot in common with the top companies in the world, such as an obsessive focus on innovation and good business procedures, we still have a small firm feel to us “explains Charles. “Our strategy is straightforward. We want for motivated, creative people who can think critically and creatively and who are willing to challenge the status quo. We feel they provide higher value to our clients as a result of this. Our staff, we feel, is everything.”

Seisan prides itself on providing clients with capabilities that would otherwise be unreachable due to budget or time constraints by utilising an agile development methodology and cutting-edge technologies. It’s worth noting that the firm is dedicated to creating immersive solutions that go above and beyond the clients’ expectations and help them achieve their objectives.

It’s no surprise that Seisan is now a cutting-edge technological firm. Seisan continues to push the frontiers of commercial applications for emerging technologies, born out of curiosity and a desire to learn more about what is feasible with what is available. “While there are others, we are prototyping and implementing Internet of Things (IoT) Development, Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence / Robotic Process Automation / Computer Vision, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, as well as 5G / EDGE Computing as a ‘tip of the spear’ effort,” Charles adds.